About us

Republic of One. Born from a desire to be unique. Dressed in global material. Inspired by the strength of women. Tailored for the individual – Republic of You. 

We walk with heads high, shoulders back, confident strides; smiling generously; shielded with the strength that we are not alone. 

Together in this adventure, we acknowledge the power of unity; that every one of us plays an important role in the fabric of life.  

Because this isn’t a new idea. It has been around for generations. A lineage of style; a code passed from mothers, daughters, sisters and friends.  

This is a reminder that we have the freedom to make our own choices. 

Choose your way to wear and make your style mark with Republic of One.  

Join the Evolution.


Republic of One is an Irish design company. With a team of 4 we create stunning designs that are year-round pieces that soon become wardrobe essentials.